The creation story. The story of the beginning. Of the start of it all.
Listen to our homegrown version of Adam and Eve, now #RetoldWithPride.

A new case lands on Sherla Holmes’ desk — a club D-R-A-M-A on a bi-night in Poblacion.
Is it a missed moment or a misunderstanding? Sherla Holmes and Jane Watson will tell us.
Listen to the world’s favorite detective story, now #RetoldWithPride.

Have you heard the rumors? Gatsby is back! With a brand new name, full of Pride and no shame!
Join this self-made billionaire at his lavish Forbes parties, set to smooth jazz and a secret that will change his life.
A 1920's classic, now #RetoldWithPride.

A heart-tugging tale and a celebration of two women who’ve found love.
Listen to this beautiful retelling of a romantic classic, now #RetoldWithPride.

Sashay your way into an underground world full of fabulous characters, glitz and glamour,
and best of all — immortality! Dragula has come to play, are you ready to slay?
Don't miss this gothic tale, now #RetoldWithPride.

Spread your wings with the Ibong Adana in this tale of coming out, self-love, and acceptance.
A local literary masterpiece, now #RetoldWithPride!

Who knew 10 days in a quarantine hotel could lead to your #1 love?
But does Florante really know this mysterious Awra? Find out in this dramedy, COVID love story.
Based on one of the most iconic pieces of Filipino lit, now #RetoldWithPride!

A trip down memory lane for one trans woman, told entirely in haikus. She recalls her previous life
and her new life now as Cindy. The proud homecoming of the first trans Kapitana of Bagong Buhay.
An iconic story, now #RetoldWithPride.

Two sons from feuding families and a tragic tale of an unaccepted love.
Listen to this modern take on one of the most famous love stories in the world, now #RetoldWithPride!

A shipwreck in the Bermuda Triangle. A safe haven found in a bisexual love triangle. And a journey
of a polyamorous self-discovery for one man who found himself and what it means to truly be free.
Hear this tale #RetoldWithPride.

The love story of two young women and their struggle between familial duties and being true to themselves.
Told through poetic love notes, a timeless tale now #RetoldWithPride.